Cod. 1350-26



Every woman tried the experience to be on a journey and face a small problem. This practical case with zipper contains a kit of accessories which every woman should have with her when she?s on a journey or she?s not at home. It consists of 11 accessories, which can be defined as ?problem solvers? to be ready to face every situation:? CLOTHING SHIELDS: they keep clothes dry and protect the skin by sweating? DOUBLE SIDED FLASH TAPE: to be worn under clingy clothes? ?TRY ON BONNET? : to be worn when your make up is on and you don?t want to dirty your clothes? 1 LAUNDRY BAG? PACK 2 ADHESIVE BRAS: to be worn under clingy clothes? PACK PETAL AND HEART TOPS? INVISIBLE BRA EXTENDER up to your necessity? LABEL COVER to avoid annoying label rubbing? INVISIBLE BRA STRAPS ? ADHESIVE LINT REMOVERS? ADHESIVE STRAP KEEPERS