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Energizing and firming gel (cold effect), it is available in a 200 ml bottle. It is perfect to be used during the hot season, because it is quickly absorbed, it is not greasy and leaves a feeling of freshness. This gel is designed to treat cellulite imperfections and annoying orange peel skin. Effective and visible results thanks to the functional ingredients it is composed of, which activates the microcirculation with a draining and lipolytic effect. MAIN ACTIVE SUBSTANCE ? ACTIGYM ?Actigym ? (Bacillus/Soybean Ferment Extract) is an element of marine-origin,an innovative active substance obtained by a microorganism from the island of Bermuda. It defines and shapes the silhouette, improving the muscle tone associated to phisical activity. Slimming and shaping intensive action. ACTIVE SUBSTANCESACTIGYM>> Slimming and firming action, it defines the silhouetteAESCULUS HIPPOCASTANUM (Horse chestnut seed extract) >> Astringent and anti-inflammatory action, it reduces the stagnation of liquidsMELISSA OFFICINALIS LEAF EXTRACT >> Stimulating, firming, decongestant and soothing actionROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS >> Lipolytic action, stimulating the peripheral circulation and draining the lymphatic systemVITIS VINIFERA (GRAPEVINE) >> Antioxidant action, it counters peripheral venous insufficiency and associated symptoms, such as swelling and feeling of heavy legs. RESULTS1. IMPROVES the body tone2. SHAPES and DEFINES the silhouette3. REDUCES the contour of the abdomen4. REDUCES the circumference of the thigh 5. REDUCES the feeling of swelling and tired legs6. IMPROVES the blood microcirculationTECHNICAL INFORMATIONVegan Product >> Total Absence of Animal-derived IngredientsCruelty FreeDermatologically TestedParabens FreeSilicone FreePhtalates FreeSulphates FreeWithout DyesSodium-FreeGMO Free


Cruelty free

Dermatologically tested

Don't use during pregnancy