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Ecological Underwear and Clothing But With Style.

Environmental pollution is one of the issues to which we should pay great attention: in our time, it is important to know the implications deriving from the exploitation and the erroneous use of the environmental resources also in the production of clothes and underwear. Being conscious that environmental sustainability is a key factor in safeguarding the future is necessary for the world and the society.

Calzitaly has taken the issues related to sustainability to heart and, with a view to implementing actions for the benefit of the environment and the company itself, has invested in the creation of an eco-friendly collection of clothing.

Eco-Clothing: What Is This All About?
"Sustainability", "ecology", "recycling" and "biological" are terms that have now entered the daily vocabulary of various sectors, even clothing. More and more often, in fact, you hear about ecological clothing, organic cotton, eco-clothing. Even the hosiery sector has been hit by the wave of attention towards everything that can be called "eco-friendly". Therefore, Calzitaly has chosen to start up an innovative collection, high-quality, which is at the same time attentive to the respect of the environment.

The garments of the eco-clothing line by Calzitaly are made of organic cotton or with Q-NOVA yarn, a sustainable nylon fibre obtained from recycled raw materials through a process that regenerates them making them reusable in the production of other garments. Among the garments present in the line of eco-clothing by Calzitaly, you can find tights in organic cotton and eco-tights, but also organic cotton leggings and ecological leggings, which are lightweight and breathable. The ecological clothing line is finally completed with highly innovative organic cotton girdles.

Take a look at all the eco-friendly products available in this section and choose the model best suited to your needs and style: treat yourself, treat the environment.

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