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Women's Sport Tights for the Best Performances.

Dancing and skating are much more than simple sports, they are real forms of art: in their movements dancers and skaters express emotions, feelings and moods, tell stories and show the beauty, which can be found in the natural lines of the human body. That's why, we at Calzitaly have designed a line that not only enhances the full potential of these disciplines, but that offers the athlete absolute freedom of movement: therefore, we created our line of women's sports tights or sports leggings suitable for dancing and skating and made with quality materials Made in Italy.

Take a Look at the Line of Women's Sports Tights and Accessories for Dance.
Our dance collection includes various models of women's sports tights and leggings in different thicknesses (40, 60, 80 den) and available in various colours, from classic pink to black; there are also more "technical" tights, such as convertibles, that allow you to leave your foot uncovered for performing certain exercises during rehearsals or lessons.

Also in this collection, we have soft leg warmers for women in addition to fishnet tights with smooth comfort soles that offer support and comfort needed for dancers of Latin American, Tango, Salsa, Samba and other disciplines.

Not Just Dance: Take a Look at the Calzitaly's Skating and Running Collection.
In the skating department, you can find various models of women's skating tights, both with skate covers and stirrups, able to meet the needs of any dancer. Our women's skating tights are made of resistant materials and are therefore suitable to guarantee maximum freedom to the human body in movement.

The range of women's sports products and socks is completed with tights and leggings that offer maximum comfort and support even during activities such as running or jogging. These products are designed for both the gym and the open air, without forgetting the style that every modern woman wants even during the hours of sport. Our range includes sport pants in different colours and various shapes, opaque or shaping, perfect for all tastes and occasions.
Finally, the assortment also includes women's sports socks designed to meet the specific needs of both professionals and women who love to play sports while remaining comfortable but with the right style.

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