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Men's Socks by Calzitaly: High Quality and Italian Style.

Precious raw materials and soft yarns worked by skilled hands that have been in this profession for more than 50 years: this is the perfect description of the socks for men offered by Calzitaly.

Experience and the search for quality are in fact, the two main factors that inspire the continuous collection of men's socks online and ankle socks by Calzitaly. All year round, for any occasion, every man can find men's online classic socks or in line with the latest style trends on our website. Buying men's socks online by Calzitaly you are sure to choose and take home the quality of those Made in Italy and the unique style of the products you are looking for in complete comfort.

Mercerised Cotton: Quality Men's Socks with Timeless Elegance.
Top products of the men's socks online collection are undoubtedly mid-calf socks in mercerised cotton, a must in every drawer, the most important garment for various occasions, from work to events. When wearing lace-up shoes or loafers, fashion suggests to show off men's socks made in mercerised cotton; thin and fresh, these quality men's socks ensure maximum comfort even when you have to wear shoes for many hours in a row. On our website, you can find men's socks in mercerised cotton available in many variants: we have, in fact, long men's socks but also shorter models, to be chosen according to the season; you can also choose between men's socks in plain or ribbed mercerised cotton, a model – the latter – with a more classic style.

For the Most Demanding, Comfortable and Very Warm Men's Cotton Socks.
Not all men prefer socks in mercerised cotton, especially in the winter. This is why Calzitaly has created a line of Men's Cotton Socks, soft and comfortable, perfect to wear with sneakers but also with a pair of ankle boots or lace-up shoes. Made of thermal cotton, these socks are an excellent alternative for those who want to keep their feet warm and want to wear a more modern, original and witty sock. Men's cotton socks are available in both classic colours and with polka dots, striped, horizontal stripes or chequered patterns, especially designed to meet the tastes of younger men.

Microfibre Socks and Men's Shoe Liners for the Most Sporty.
For boys who like to wear sneakers, we recommend microfibre socks, soft and breathable garments that can keep your feet fresh for a long time. On our website, you can buy microfibre socks in comfortable packs of 3 or 6 pairs at a truly remarkable price.

For lovers of the bare foot, on the Calzitaly website we have men's shoe liners on sale, a fresh liner made of stretch cotton and available in many colours, always in the convenient pack of 6 pairs. The men's cotton shoe liners are ideal to wear with very low-cut loafers, with boat shoes and with all that kind of footwear where much of the foot remains uncovered and it is therefore unsightly to see the socks, especially if you are wearing a pair of Bermuda shorts.

Take a look at all models of men's online socks and choose the product you prefer!

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