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Body & Beauty

A line of products conceived to create your “daily cuddle”, fight against cellulite imperfections and slim your silhouette.
“Body & Beauty by Calzitaly” offers two different product lines: a WARM EFFECT line with CAFFEINE, anti inflammatory substance which helps the body to burn the deposits of adipose tissue that cause cellulite and a COLD EFFECT line with ACTIGYM™, an innovative marine-origin active substance with a SLIMMING and FIRMING action. It reduces the body contours and its efficacy increases if combined with physical activity.

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Your Allies For Fighting Cellulite.

Who at least once in life has not had to clash with that annoying enemy called cellulite? When you come across those unsightly signs, you immediately think about how you can fight them and then look for methods, products, creams and lotions that can reduce the signs of cellulite or remove them once and for all.

All women know that eliminating the imperfections of cellulite is often demanding and expensive, both from the economic point of view and the amount of time spent. This is why Calzitaly has created a line of anti-cellulite products designed to help you deal with this problem in an easy and comfortable way.

Anti-cellulite Tights and Leggings To Take Care Of Your Legs.
Taking care of your legs is an essential activity: even if we sometimes neglect it, in reality, the well-being of our lower limbs is fundamental for everyday life. Have you ever thought about how many jobs – require you to spend many hours sitting, still or standing in the same position – can have a negative effect on the circulation, causing annoying imperfections on the skin in the most delicate areas of the legs?

Thinking about the well-being of the legs, Calzitaly has created a dedicated line that, thanks to the particular yarn called EMANA® with which it is made, allows to fight the imperfections of cellulite and gives a younger, elastic, beautiful and shiny skin.

EMANA® is a yarn that contains minerals capable of absorbing heat from the human body and returning it to the skin in the form of Far Infra-red Rays (FIR), thus stimulating the blood micro-circulation in the skin.

The Calzitaly collection includes anti-cellulite tights and anti-cellulite leggings, which, thanks to the EMANA technology, allow to reduce the so-called "orange peel" imperfections. Among these, the revolutionary anti-imperfection leggings are designed to act overnight and ideal, therefore, to wear while you sleep.

Not Only Anti-cellulite Leggings and Tights: Take a Look At the Underwear Line.
In addition to anti-imperfection hosiery products, such as anti-cellulite leggings and anti-imperfection tights, the Calzitaly line also includes various innovative models of underwear. It is a variety of products to wear every day to obtain excellent results against the imperfections of cellulite. Products such as the anti-cellulite girdle or the anti-cellulite shorts are part of this assortment, innovative garments able to combine maximum comfort with solutions that improve the aesthetics of the skin.

Do you dream of a healthier and more beautiful looking skin? Do you want to defeat the unsightly signs of cellulite? With the anti-cellulite underwear created by Calzitaly, you can reduce skin imperfections and improve the well-being of your body. Take a look at the models available and find the product that is right for you choosing between anti-cellulite tights, anti-imperfection leggings, anti-cellulite girdle or anti-cellulite shorts.

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