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Calzitaly: Online sale of Men's and Women's Socks, Tights and Leggings.

Welcome to the Calzitaly online store! Here you can find the best of the historic Calzificio Schinelli hosiery brand: stockings and socks for women, men and children Made in Italy. It just takes a click to take a look at our vast assortment of socks but also tights, the product that has best represented us since 1960.

Tights for women and men's and women's Socks.
The Calzitaly tights for women are made of soft Lycra and available in various deniers: from ultra-sheer 10 den, which make the legs light and fresh, up to 100 den, for a covering and shaping effect. Our catalogue of tights for women also offers technical products dedicated to women with special needs. The Curvy Tights are soft and elegant tights that shape the figure and give a graceful silhouette even to women with the most generous figures. The Calzitaly Graduated Compression Hosiery have a medium compression level that gives lightness and well-being to the legs and a light therapeutic sensation without being considered as medical stockings.

Medical Support Hosiery, on the other hand, are medical devices for healing purposes. Take a look at our online knee-high socks and leggings, available in both soft microfibre and modern denim print or leather look. What about our fashionable women's socks? Striped, polka dots, zebra stripes: unleash your imagination from head to toe!

But Calzitaly is not only the online sale of Tights: on our website, you can also find men's socks made with fine yarns, which come in classic patterns and are available in both thermal cotton and mercerised cotton. Calzitaly men's socks are the ideal product for those looking for quality and comfort at the right price. In addition to tights for women and men's socks, Calzitaly is also attentive to the needs of children: the catalogue includes, in fact, also soft non-slip socks for boys and girl's tights in cotton or microfibre. Solid colours, lace and flowers: for girl's tights, play it safe with the Calzitaly patterns.


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